Vermont Legal Aid Services

This guide is designed to navigate you through the resources available in Vermont, ensuring you have access to the support and legal counsel necessary to address your legal matters.

In Vermont, individuals facing legal challenges without the financial means to afford an attorney can find hope and help through various legal aid services. This guide is designed to navigate you through the resources available in Vermont, ensuring you have access to the support and legal counsel necessary to address your legal matters.


Vermont Legal Aid (VLA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free legal services to Vermont residents who are low-income, elderly, or have disabilities. They offer assistance in a range of legal issues, including but not limited to, housing, healthcare, family law, public benefits, and disability rights.

How to Get Help

To request assistance from Vermont Legal Aid, you can visit their "How To Get Help" page. This page provides detailed information on how to apply for their services, including eligibility criteria and the application process.

Locations and Contact Information

VLA has several offices across Vermont. To find the nearest office, visit their contact page which lists all locations along with their contact information.


Legal Services Vermont, formerly known as Vermont Legal Aid, is a free, nonprofit legal aid organization that works alongside Vermont Legal Aid to provide services across the state. They offer a wide range of legal services, focusing on civil law matters.

How We Can Help

For more detailed information on the specific types of legal assistance LSV offers, visit their "How We Can Help" page. This resource outlines the areas of law they cover and how to get in touch for help.


To contact Legal Services Vermont directly, including inquiries about services or to seek legal help, visit their contact page.

Additional Resources is an online resource provided by Legal Services Vermont, offering legal help and information. It's a comprehensive portal with guides, tools, and information on a wide array of legal topics relevant to Vermonters.

The Vermont Judiciary also offers resources for finding legal help within the state. This includes a directory of services and advice on seeking legal assistance.


Vermont Legal Aid provides free legal services to eligible Vermonters, covering a variety of legal issues from family law to disability rights.

How Do I Get Free Divorce Consultation in Vermont?

To get a free divorce consultation, contact organizations like Vermont Legal Aid or Legal Services Vermont, which provide free legal services including consultations on family law matters.

How Many Attorneys Are in Vermont?

While this guide focuses on legal aid services, the Vermont Bar Association can provide information on the number of practicing attorneys in Vermont.

For those in Vermont facing legal challenges without the financial resources to hire an attorney, there is a network of support available. Vermont Legal Aid and Legal Services Vermont are at the forefront of this effort, providing essential services to ensure that all Vermonters have access to justice. Whether you need help with a housing issue, a family law matter, or any other legal challenge, these organizations offer a starting point to find the assistance you need.

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