Utah Legal Aid Services

This guide provides detailed information about where to find free legal resources in Utah, ensuring you have access to justice regardless of your financial situation.

If you're residing in Utah and find yourself in need of legal assistance but are unable to afford it, there's hope. Utah offers a variety of legal aid services designed to support individuals facing financial difficulties. This guide provides detailed information about where to find free legal resources across the state, ensuring you have access to justice regardless of your financial situation.

Utah Legal Services is a nonprofit organization that provides free legal help to low-income individuals and families across the state. They offer assistance in various legal matters including, but not limited to, family law, housing, consumer issues, and public benefits. Their website also features a wealth of resources, including self-help materials and information about the legal system.

The Utah State Courts website lists several agencies and organizations that provide free legal services to those in need. This directory is a valuable resource for finding specialized legal aid in areas such as domestic violence, family law, and immigration.

Specializing in family law and domestic violence, the Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake offers legal representation and advice to those facing such issues. They provide services including protective order assistance and family law representation, focusing on helping victims of domestic violence and their children.

For a broader scope of legal assistance, the Utah State Courts’ Finding Legal Help page is an excellent starting point. This resource outlines different ways to find legal help, including free and low-cost services, and offers guidance on navigating the legal system.

For a comprehensive list of free legal services, Utah Legal Help provides a searchable database of resources available across the state. This platform is a great tool for finding specific legal aid tailored to your needs.

The Office of General Counsel’s PDF guide to community legal resources and services in Utah offers an in-depth look at the legal aid landscape. This document includes information on legal clinics, hotlines, and organizations offering free or low-cost services.

For those seeking a curated list of legal resources, the BYU Law Library Guide provides an extensive directory of free and low-cost legal services available in Utah. This guide is an invaluable resource for anyone needing legal assistance without the means to pay for it.


To receive free legal advice about divorce in Utah, consider contacting the Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake or Utah Legal Services. Both organizations provide specialized assistance in family law matters.

Yes, legal aid is free for those who qualify based on income and other factors. Organizations across the USA, including those in Utah, offer free legal services to individuals and families who cannot afford legal representation.

This guide aims to empower individuals in Utah seeking legal assistance by providing them with the necessary resources and information to navigate their legal challenges. Remember, seeking legal help at the earliest opportunity can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

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