Tennessee Legal Aid Services

This guide aims to offer a detailed overview of the available legal aid services across Tennessee, ensuring that individuals seeking assistance can find the help they need.

In Tennessee, numerous organizations and resources are dedicated to providing free legal aid to those in need. This guide aims to offer a detailed overview of the available legal aid services across the state, ensuring that individuals seeking assistance can find the help they need. Whether you're dealing with civil legal issues, require advice on how to navigate the legal system, or need representation, the following resources can offer support.

Tennessee Department of Human Services - Legal Aid Services

The Tennessee Department of Human Services offers legal aid services through its Division of Appeals and Hearings. This resource is pivotal for individuals looking to appeal decisions made by the department regarding their benefits or services.

Tennessee Bar Association - Legal Aid/Legal Services

The Tennessee Bar Association provides a comprehensive directory of legal aid and legal services available throughout the state, making it an excellent starting point for anyone seeking legal assistance.

Serving Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands, this organization offers free legal services to eligible individuals across a wide range of civil legal matters.

Dedicated to serving the legal needs of East Tennesseans, this organization provides assistance across various civil legal issues to those who qualify.

Offering legal assistance to residents of West Tennessee, this organization focuses on a broad spectrum of civil legal matters, providing critical support to those in need.


Help4TN is a portal offering resources and legal information across Tennessee, including access to free legal clinics and hotlines for immediate legal advice.

The Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services works to strengthen the delivery of legal services to those in need across Tennessee, offering resources and support for both legal aid organizations and clients.

HUD - Legal Assistance in Tennessee

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides a list of legal aid resources focused on homeownership and housing issues in Tennessee.

For those seeking more specific guidance or answers to frequently asked questions about accessing legal aid in Tennessee, the following resources may be helpful:

  • How can I talk to a lawyer for free in TN? Many of the organizations listed above offer hotlines or legal clinics where you can speak to a lawyer free of charge.
  • How do I get a lawyer in Tennessee? Start by contacting one of the legal aid organizations listed in this guide to determine your eligibility for free legal services.
  • How do I get a public defender in TN? If you are facing criminal charges and cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for a public defender. This process typically begins at your first court appearance.
  • How do I contact the senior legal helpline in Tennessee? While this guide does not list a specific senior legal helpline, organizations like Legal Aid Society and Legal Aid of East Tennessee can provide resources or direct you to services tailored to seniors.

This comprehensive guide to Tennessee legal aid services aims to empower indigent individuals with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the legal system effectively. By reaching out to the appropriate legal aid organization, individuals can receive the support and representation they need to address their legal concerns.

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