Nevada Expungement Laws

This guide aims to provide clear, concise information and official resources to assist in understanding and navigating the process of sealing criminal history records in Nevada.

Navigating the complexities of expungement laws in Nevada can be overwhelming for individuals looking to clear their criminal records. This guide aims to provide clear, concise information and official resources to assist in understanding and navigating the process of sealing criminal history records in Nevada.

Understanding Expungement in Nevada

In Nevada, the legal process commonly referred to as "expungement" is actually known as "sealing" of criminal records. Sealing a record essentially means that the record is hidden from public view, but it's not destroyed. It's a critical distinction that affects how individuals can reclaim their privacy and move forward with their lives.

Official Resources

  1. Sealing NV Criminal History Records - RCCD - State of Nevada: This is the official state resource that provides detailed information on how to seal criminal history records in Nevada. Visit the RCCD website for forms, fees, and a step-by-step guide on the sealing process.

  2. Sealing Records - Pardons - State of Nevada: This page offers insights into the relationship between record sealing and pardons in Nevada, providing another layer of understanding for those looking to clear their record. Learn more about sealing records and pardons.

  • The 5 Steps to "Seal" Your Criminal Record in Nevada: Shouse Law Group outlines a clear, five-step process for sealing criminal records in Nevada, making the procedure more understandable for individuals. Read the guide here.

  • Criminal Record Sealing | Nevada Legal Services: For those seeking legal assistance in the sealing process, Nevada Legal Services offers support and guidance. Check out their services.

  • Can My Nevada Criminal Record be Expunged? | The Defenders: This blog post discusses the nuances of Nevada's expungement laws and provides a legal perspective on the process. Explore the article.

  • Expunging or Sealing Adult Criminal Records in Nevada: This resource offers a comprehensive look at the legalities of sealing adult criminal records in Nevada. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to wait to get your record expunged in Nevada?

The waiting period for sealing a record in Nevada varies based on the severity of the offense, ranging from immediate for dismissed charges and acquittals to up to 10 years for certain felonies.

What crimes cannot be sealed in Nevada?

Certain offenses, including but not limited to crimes against children, sexual offenses, and DUIs with serious injury or death, cannot be sealed in Nevada.

How much does it cost to expunge a felony in Nevada?

The costs associated with sealing a record can vary, including filing fees, costs to obtain records, and potential attorney fees. It's essential to consult specific resources or legal assistance for an accurate estimate.

What is the Second Chance Act in Nevada?

The Second Chance Act is not specific to Nevada but is a federal initiative aimed at improving outcomes for people returning from incarceration. However, Nevada has its own laws and programs designed to give individuals a "second chance" by allowing the sealing of criminal records under certain conditions.


Sealing a criminal record in Nevada can offer individuals the opportunity to move forward without the burden of their past mistakes weighing them down. By following the official guidelines and possibly seeking legal assistance, those eligible can navigate the process more smoothly. Remember, the path to sealing a record starts with understanding the specific steps and requirements outlined by Nevada law.

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