Local Rule 2: Notice by Publication

Local Rule 2 mandates specific procedures for notice publication in legal actions within Allegheny County, emphasizing proof of publication and the designated newspaper for such notices.


Overview of Local Rule 2

What is the Core Requirement of Local Rule 2?

Local Rule 2 focuses on actions requiring notice through advertisement in a newspaper. It mandates that proof of publication is essential and outlines the process for filing this proof.

Who Can Provide Proof of Publication?

Proof of publication must come from a reliable source. This includes the owner, publisher, or a designated agent of the newspaper where the advertisement was published.

When Should Proof of Publication be Filed?

This proof must be filed of record before the court issues any final order, decree, or judgment in the case.

The Pittsburgh Legal Journal holds a special designation in Allegheny County's legal proceedings.

While not exclusive, all notices that require advertisement in a newspaper must also be published in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal.

The rule does not specify exceptions. Therefore, adherence is crucial for all relevant legal notices.

Key Takeaways for Pittsburgh Attorneys

Experienced Pittsburgh attorneys must remember the dual requirements of Local Rule 2: ensuring proof of publication from a verified source and the mandatory use of the Pittsburgh Legal Journal for all legal notices requiring newspaper advertisement. Compliance with these requirements is vital for the validity of legal proceedings in Allegheny County.

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