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An exclusive legal lead means that no other attorney has access to that lead. In other words, it belongs to you and you alone. A shared legal lead means you'll compete with attorneys for the client. Get started with Counsel Stack legal leads today.

Efficient Lead Generation with Counsel Stack

Counsel Stack offers a unique approach to legal lead generation in Pittsburgh. We provide an all-in-one platform for legal leads, intake, research, and drafting.

Tailored for any geographic region

Counsel Stack's approach to legal lead generation is specifically designed for the unique demands of the your local legal market. New members can expect fresh leads in as little as 24 hours following campaign activation.

Catering to Diverse Practice Areas

We cater to a wide range of practice areas. Our diverse lead pool is crucial for attorneys looking to expand their client base in specific or varied practice areas.

Legal Lead Types

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Bankruptcy, General Business Law, Contract disputes, Administrative Law, Child Birth Injuries, Non-injury Civil Lawsuits, General Consumer Law, Insurance Claims, Lemon Law, General Criminal Defense, Police Brutality, Victim Representation, Debt and Collection issues, DUI cases, General Employment and Labor Law, Workplace Discrimination and Wrongful Termination, Estate Planning focusing on Wills, Trusts, and Power of Attorney, Family Law covering Divorce, Child Custody, and Adoption, Foreclosure Defense, Identity Theft, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property including Copyrights and Patents, Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse, Personal Injury excluding Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, and Workers' Compensation, Product Liability, Real Estate and Property Law excluding Foreclosure Defense, Social Security Disability, Tax Relief, Traffic Violations, Workers' Compensation, and more.

Shared v. Exclusive Leads

Our leads are sourced in-house and from various services. This ensures competitive pricing and quality. We offer both shared and exclusive leads.

Choose between cost-effective shared leads or higher-rate exclusive leads. Shared leads are more competitive, while exclusive leads offer a higher chance of client acquisition.

  • Shared - Less expensive, more competitive
  • Exclusive - More expensive, less competitive

Intake Reports

Counsel Stack's team of intake specialists conduct initial consultations and take care of preliminary qualification work.

We send you a comprehensive report rather than a cold lead.

Sample Counsel Stack Intake Report

Case Type: Motor Vehicle Accident

Client Information:

  • Name: John Doe
  • Address: 123 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Phone: (555) 123-4567
  • Email:

Accident Details:

  • Date of Accident: January 10, 2024
  • Time of Accident: Approximately 3:00 PM
  • Location: Liberty Ave and 10th St, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Weather Conditions: Clear skies, dry road conditions

Vehicles Involved:

  1. Client’s Vehicle: 2018 Toyota Camry
  2. Other Vehicle: 2020 Ford F-150

Description of the Accident:
According to Mr. Doe, he was driving eastbound on Liberty Ave when the Ford F-150, heading south on 10th St, ran a red light and collided with his vehicle's passenger side. Mr. Doe had the right of way with a green light.

Police Report Summary:

The police report confirms Mr. Doe’s account of the accident. The driver of the Ford F-150 was cited for running a red light. No indications of either driver being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Medical Records Summary:

  • Hospital: UPMC Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Date of Admission: January 10, 2024
  • Injuries: Mr. Doe sustained a concussion and broken arm.
  • Treatment: Mr. Doe received emergency treatment, including arm splinting and suturing of lacerations. He was advised to follow up with an orthopedic specialist for his arm fracture and a neurologist for his concussion.
  • Prognosis: Expected full recovery with proper medical follow-up and physical therapy.

Insurance Information:

  • Client’s Insurance: Progressive, Policy Number [00000]
  • Other Driver’s Insurance: State Farm, Policy Number [11111]


  • Name: Sarah Smith

Contact: (555) 789-0123

Statement: Ms. Smith, a pedestrian at the scene, confirmed that the Ford F-150 ran the red light.

  • Name: Michael Johnson

Contact: (555) 654-3210

Statement: Mr. Johnson, a driver behind Mr. Doe, corroborated Mr. Doe’s account and provided dashcam footage.

Legal Considerations:

In handling a motor vehicle accident case such as the one involving John Doe, you should consider reviewing the following sections of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL):

§ 1712 (Availability of benefits): This section outlines the types of first-party benefits an insurer must make available, including medical benefits, income loss benefits, accidental death benefits, funeral benefits, and extraordinary medical benefits. Given that Mr. Doe sustained injuries, this section is relevant for understanding the coverage available for his medical treatment and potential income loss.

§ 1713 (Source of benefits): This section details the order of priority for recovering first-party benefits. It is important to determine the applicable insurance coverage for Mr. Doe's medical expenses and other applicable benefits.

§ 1785 (Proof of financial responsibility following accident): This section addresses the consequences for vehicle owners involved in an accident without maintaining financial responsibility. It is relevant to ensure that both parties had the required financial responsibility at the time of the accident.

§ 1791.1 (Disclosure of premium charges and tort options): This section is pertinent for understanding the tort options elected by Mr. Doe (full tort or limited tort), which can affect his right to seek non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

Additionally, if there are any issues related to the processing of claims or disputes over the amount of benefits, you may also want to review:

§ 1797 (Customary charges for treatment): This section governs disputes between insurers and providers regarding the reasonableness of medical charges.

§ 1799.4 (Examination of vehicle repairs): If there is a dispute regarding the repair of Mr. Doe's vehicle, this section allows the insurance adjuster to examine the repairs.

Next Steps:

  • Client advised to follow up with medical appointments and keep all receipts and documentation.
  • Initiate contact with both insurance companies for claims processing.
  • Evaluate the need for a personal injury lawsuit based on insurance responses and client’s recovery progress.

At Counsel Stack, we offer more than just leads. Our advanced AI-powered tools assist in case research and preparation, significantly reducing the time and effort attorneys spend on these tasks.

Simply upload our client intake report into an application designed for the relevant practice area. For motor vehicle cases, you can use our pre-built applications discussed below. For other practice areas, you can request a white label Counsel Stack application custom built for you. This integration of technology sets us apart, offering a complete solution that goes beyond the traditional lead generation model.

Transparent and Flexible Pricing

Pricing for leads ranges from $20 to $500, depending on type and exclusivity. We offer bulk discounts and monthly subscriptions.

Real-world Efficiency

Our most successful members purchase bulk shared leads for use with the Motor Vehicle Platform and the Prothonotaries Platform, estimating a 50% reduction in intake, research, and drafting.

Consider a new attorney in Pittsburgh. By using Counsel Stack, they can streamline client acquisition and case management. It's like having a personal paralegal and a personal intake specialist at your fingertips. Starting or expanding a law firm has never been easier.

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