An Overview of § 1773 under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL)

Section 1773 of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL) states that a person whose driving license has been suspended must satisfy all existing judgments and provide proof of financial responsibility before their operating privileges are reinstated.

Statutory Text

§ 1773. Continuation of suspension until judgments paid and proof given.

A person's operating privilege shall remain suspended and shall not be renewed in the name of that person unless and until every judgment is stayed, satisfied in full or to the extent provided in this subchapter, and until the person furnishes proof of financial responsibility as required.

Definition of Key Terms:


In the context of MVFRL, a suspension refers to the temporary withdrawal of a person's driving privileges.


These are legal obligations, usually monetary payments, imposed by a court after a legal proceeding.


This refers to temporary stopping or suspension of a legal proceeding or judgment.

Proof of Financial Responsibility:

This means demonstrating the ability to pay for damages or losses caused in an automobile accident, commonly through an auto insurance policy.

Relevance to Pennsylvanian Drivers:

This section of the MVFRL is critical for Pennsylvanian drivers as it dictates the requirements to regain their driving privileges post-suspension. It emphasizes the significance of financial responsibility and fulfilling court-mandated obligations. Understanding this section can help suspended drivers in the state make more informed decisions about their actions towards driving privileges restoration.

Relevance to Pennsylvania Attorneys:

For Pennsylvania attorneys, comprehension of this MVFRL section is essential. It provides guidelines on advising clients facing license suspension on the steps required for reinstatement. Additionally, understanding the implications of terms like "stayed, satisfied in full, or to the extent provided in this subchapter" helps in strategically dealing with such cases.

Advanced Language Analysis:

Starting with "A person's operating privilege shall remain suspended," highlights that the suspension is not simply a temporary denial of driving privileges. Instead, it suggests an ongoing state that will persist until the specified conditions are met.

Furthermore, the phrase "unless and until every judgment is stayed, satisfied in full or to the extent provided in this subchapter" confirms that every legal obligation must be addressed before reinstatement. Different resolution methods, such as staying the judgment, satisfying it fully, or as provided in the subchapter, are identified — showing flexibility in the ways these obligations can be fulfilled.

Lastly, "and until the person furnishes proof of financial responsibility as required,” emphasizes the need for demonstrating adequate financial capability to cover potential future liabilities. This suggests a statutory intent to ensure financial preparedness and to protect other road users from uninsured drivers.

To summarize, the language used reinforces the commitment towards adhering to legal obligations and carrying sufficient financial coverage, thus stressing public safety and financial accountability.

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