An Overview of § 1741 under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL)

Section 1741 of Pennsylvania's Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL) mandates the establishment of an Assigned Risk Plan by the Insurance Department to fairly distribute among insurers, applicants who are unable to procure motor vehicle liability insurance via ordinary methods.

Statutory Text

§ 1741. Establishment.

The Insurance Department shall, after consultation with the insurers licensed to write motor vehicle liability insurance in this Commonwealth, adopt a reasonable Assigned Risk Plan for the equitable apportionment among those insurers of applicants for motor vehicle liability insurance who are entitled to, but are unable to, procure insurance through ordinary methods. When the plan has been adopted, all motor vehicle liability insurers shall subscribe thereto and shall participate in the plan. The plan may provide reasonable means for the transfer of individuals insured thereunder into the ordinary market, at the same or lower rates, pursuant to regulations established by the department.

Definition of Terms:

"Assigned Risk Plan"

It refers to an insurance coverage mechanism under automobile law where carriers are required to provide coverage for those applicants who may not have been able to secure insurance through conventional means due to high risk factors.

"Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance"

This type of insurance provides coverage for legal liabilities arising out of accidents caused by the insured's vehicle, including both property damage and bodily injury.

"Ordinary methods"

Refers to the normal process of securing motor vehicle liability insurance in the market, where applicants are assessed based on their personal risk factors such as driving history, age, etc.

Importance to Pennsylvania Drivers:

Section 1741 is of considerable import to Pennsylvanian drivers, especially those who might be considered high-risk and consequently have difficulty securing motor vehicle liability insurance through regular channels. With the Assigned Risk Plan, these drivers gain access to necessary insurance coverage, facilitating their legal driving status, notwithstanding their high-risk classification. This section ensures equitable insurance access for all motor vehicle operators in Pennsylvania, irrespective of their individual risk profiles.

Importance to Pennsylvania Attorneys:

For attorneys in Pennsylvania, understanding Section 1741 is crucial when representing clients dealing with vehicle insurance issues. The assigned risk plan might hold significant implications for clients unable to procure motor vehicle liability insurance through ordinary methods. Awareness of this provision allows attorneys to advise and guide such clients effectively regarding their insurance coverage options.

Advanced Analysis:

The language used in Section 1741 is both precise and comprehensive. It confers certain responsibilities on the Insurance Department, particularly in terms of consulting with licensed insurers and adopting a reasonable Assigned Risk Plan. The plan requires the insurers' subscription, and it must include mechanisms for the transfer of insured individuals into the ordinary market at equal or lower rates, controlled via department-established regulations.

The use of words such as "reasonable" and "equitable" indicates an intent to balance the interests of the insurance providers with the needs of high-risk drivers. This notion of balance is critical in maintaining fairness in the industry.

The phrase "licensed to write motor vehicle liability insurance in this Commonwealth" implies that only insurance companies authorized to issue policies in Pennsylvania fall under the Assigned Risk Plan's purview.

The term "ordinary market" highlights the contrast with the non-standard market accessed via the Assigned Risk Plan.

The provision allowing transfer into the ordinary market at the same or lower rates underscores the plan's ultimate objective to encourage high-risk insured individuals to move towards the regular insurance market while ensuring affordable coverage.

To conclude, Section 1741 carries immense importance for both high-risk drivers and legal practitioners in Pennsylvania. The comprehensive language ensures the fair distribution of policyholders among insurers while catering to those unable to secure automobile insurance through mainstream methods.

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