An Overview of § 1711 under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL)

Section 1711 - Required benefits from the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL), stipulates that insurers issuing or delivering liability auto insurance policies must include a medical benefit amounting to $5,000, with specific vehicle exclusions detailed.

Statutory Text

§ 1711. Required benefits.

(a) Medical benefit.--An insurer issuing or delivering liability insurance policies covering any motor vehicle of the type required to be registered under this title, except recreational vehicles not intended for highway use, motorcycles, motor-driven cycles or motorized pedalcycles or like type vehicles, registered and operated in this Commonwealth, shall include coverage providing a medical benefit in the amount of $5,000.

(b) Minimum policy.--All insurers subject to this chapter shall make available for purchase a motor vehicle insurance policy which contains only the minimum requirements of financial responsibility and medical benefits as provided for in this chapter.

Key Terms Definitions:


This refers to the company offering the motor vehicle insurance policy.

"Motor Vehicle"

In this context, it refers to any vehicle that has to be registered under the Pennsylvania MVFRL, excluding those specifically outlined like motorcycles, recreational vehicles not for highway use, and motorized pedal cycles.

"Medical Benefit"

This refers to the coverage provided by the insurance policy specifically for medical costs up to $5,000.

"Minimum policy"

This is a motor vehicle insurance policy containing only the minimum requirements for financial responsibility and medical benefits as mandated by the Pennsylvania MVFRL.

Importance to Pennsylvanian Drivers

Section 1711. Required benefits, offers protection to Pennsylvanian drivers. The compulsory $5,000 medical benefit ensures that in case of an accident, a driver has minimum coverage for medical expenses. By defining the minimum policy requirements, drivers are assured that every registered vehicle is backed by a financial guarantee, which adds a layer of protection against possible economic damage in case of accidents.

Importance to Pennsylvania Attorneys

For attorneys, understanding Section 1711. Required benefits is essential. This section imparts vital information on what to expect for client coverage in cases involving automobile accidents. Awareness of the minimum requirements helps attorneys guide their clients in acquiring suitable insurance coverages and provides a foundation for claim settlements following accidents.

Additionally, the section requires all insurers to offer a policy encompassing just the minimum financial responsibility and medical benefits.

Advanced Analysis

The language used in this section is straightforward, demanding that insurers must include a $5,000 medical benefit in liability insurance policies. The wording defines the scope, specifically excluding types of vehicles like recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and motorized pedalcycles. The mandate for insurers to provide a minimum policy outlines the state's commitment to protecting its motorists while simplifying the process of insurance policy selection for consumers.

However, the usage of "minimum requirements of financial responsibility" is open to interpretation. It would be beneficial if the section specified explicitly what these "minimum requirements" are, offering clarity to both insurers and policyholders.

The provision also raises a question about why specific vehicles like motorcycles and recreational vehicles not intended for highway use are exempted. The reasoning behind these exemptions might be due to different safety standards or usage practices for such vehicles, but would be beneficial to understand it directly from the legislation.

In conclusion, Section 1711 required benefits not only outlines the basic coverage insurers must provide in Pennsylvania but also details exceptions to these rules, offering a clear guideline on the state's minimum insurance requirements.

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