Alaska Legal Aid Services

This guide aims to direct Alaskans to the most relevant, official legal aid resources, ensuring that those in need can find the help they deserve.

Finding free legal aid in Alaska can be a lifeline for those facing legal issues without the means to afford private representation. Whether you're dealing with civil legal matters such as family law, housing disputes, public benefits, or consumer law issues, there are several resources available to provide assistance. This guide aims to direct Alaskans to the most relevant, official legal aid resources, ensuring that those in need can find the help they deserve.


The Alaska Legal Services Corporation (ALSC) is a nonprofit law firm that provides free civil legal services to low-income Alaskans. Their mission is to ensure access to justice by providing quality legal advocacy, outreach, and education in civil matters, empowering Alaskans to protect their rights.

Services Offered

  • Family Law: Assistance with issues like divorce, custody, and domestic violence.
  • Housing: Help with eviction defense, landlord-tenant disputes, and subsidized housing rights.
  • Public Benefits: Guidance on applying for and appealing denials of public assistance programs.
  • Consumer Law: Support with debt collection, bankruptcy, and consumer fraud.
  • Senior Services: Specialized legal assistance for Alaskans aged 60 and older.

How to Apply for Services

  • Online Application: Visit ALSC's Apply For Help page to fill out and submit your application directly online.
  • Office Contact: Find your nearest ALSC office for in-person assistance by visiting their Contact Us page.

Official Website

Alaska Law Help


Alaska Law Help is an online portal designed to provide general legal information and resources. This platform is a valuable tool for understanding your legal rights in Alaska, with resources specifically tailored for the state's residents.

Services Offered

  • Legal Information: Articles, FAQs, and resources on a wide range of legal topics.
  • Self-Help Tools: Forms, guides, and instructions for those representing themselves in legal matters.
  • Referral Information: Direct links to legal aid organizations, including the Alaska Legal Services Corporation.

Official Website

For those seeking legal assistance beyond the scope of ALSC, Alaska offers opportunities to connect with attorneys willing to provide services on a pro bono (free) basis.

Alaska Bar Association Pro Bono Program

  • Overview: A program designed to match volunteer lawyers with low-income Alaskans in need of legal assistance on civil matters.
  • Services Offered: Legal representation, advice, and advocacy across a range of civil legal issues.
  • How to Apply: Visit Alaska Bar's Pro Bono page for more information on available services and application processes.

Official Website

Additional Resources

  • Civil Legal Aid - Alaska Court System: A comprehensive PDF guide to civil legal aid available in Alaska. Download PDF
  • Alaska Legal Services Pro Bono Program: An overview of the pro bono services provided by Alaska Legal Services, including eligibility criteria and application instructions. More Info

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 24-hour Legal Aid Hotline: While specific details about a 24-hour legal aid hotline in Alaska were not found, individuals in need of immediate legal assistance are encouraged to contact the nearest ALSC office for guidance.
  • Phone Number for Alaska Legal Services: For the most accurate and up-to-date contact information, please visit ALSC's Contact Us page.
  • Becoming a Lawyer in Alaska: For information on becoming a lawyer in Alaska, including education and licensing requirements, visit the Alaska Bar Association's official website.

This guide aims to provide a starting point for Alaskans in search of free legal aid resources. Whether you're facing a legal dilemma or simply seeking advice on a legal matter, the organizations listed above are equipped to provide assistance and guide you toward a resolution.

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