New Mexico Expungement Laws

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of expungement laws in New Mexico, including the types of crimes that can be expunged, the process to apply for expungement, and official resources to assist you through the process.

Navigating the process of expunging a criminal record in New Mexico can seem daunting. However, with the right information and resources, individuals seeking to clear their records can achieve a fresh start. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of expungement laws in New Mexico, including the types of crimes that can be expunged, the process to apply for expungement, and official resources to assist you through the process.

Understanding Expungement in New Mexico

Expungement refers to the legal process of sealing or erasing a criminal record from public view. In New Mexico, not all crimes are eligible for expungement, and the process varies depending on the nature of the offense and the individual's criminal history.

Official Resources for Expungement

  • NM Department of Public Safety: Offers a detailed overview of the expungement process. Visit their expungement page.
  • ACLU of New Mexico: Provides a guide on how to expunge your record, including steps to take and resources available. Read their guide.
  • New Mexico Courts: Lists information related to expungement procedures and legal considerations. Explore expungement information.

Crimes Eligible for Expungement

The eligibility for expungement in New Mexico largely depends on the type of crime and the outcome of the case. As a general rule, non-violent offenses, misdemeanors, and some felony charges may be eligible for expungement, provided specific conditions are met.

  • Felony Crimes: Not all felony crimes can be expunged. For a detailed list of which felony crimes are eligible, refer to New Mexico Legal Group's overview.
  • Misdemeanors and Arrest Records: Under certain conditions, misdemeanors and arrest records that did not lead to a conviction can be expunged.

The Expungement Process

  1. Determine Eligibility: Review the specific requirements based on the crime and your criminal history to ensure you are eligible for expungement.
  2. Obtain Your Criminal Record: You will need a copy of your criminal record to apply for expungement. This can typically be requested from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.
  3. Complete the Application: Fill out the necessary forms and applications for expungement. These can usually be found on the NM Department of Public Safety website or through legal assistance services.
  4. Submit Your Application: Follow the instructions for submitting your application, which may include a filing fee. Ensure all required documents are included.
  5. Attend a Hearing (if required): In some cases, a hearing may be necessary. Be prepared to present your case and why your record should be expunged.

Important Considerations

  • Timeframe: The time it takes to get your record expunged in New Mexico can vary. It's important to follow up on your application and be prepared for a process that could take several months.
  • Non-Eligible Crimes: Certain crimes, particularly violent offenses and sexual crimes, may not be eligible for expungement. For a comprehensive list, consult the official resources listed above.
  • Legal Assistance: Consider consulting with an expungement attorney who specializes in New Mexico law to navigate the process. New Mexico Legal Group and other legal services can provide guidance and representation.


Expunging a criminal record in New Mexico is a process with specific eligibility criteria and steps that must be followed carefully. By utilizing the official resources provided and potentially seeking legal assistance, individuals can successfully navigate the expungement process. This not only clears their record but also opens up new opportunities for employment, education, and a better quality of life.

For further reading and detailed statutes on expungement in New Mexico, refer to the New Mexico Statutes Sections 29-3A-4 and 29-3A-5, as well as the legislative details provided in SB0493.

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